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Conference Program
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1o. International AMLB Conference

Beirut, Lebanon

September 27th and 28th, 2023 at LOP (Lebanese Order of Physicians)


Final Program


September 27th

09.00 – 9.05 am                        Ouverture                   

                                                 Prof. Dr. RAUL CUTAIT



09.05 – 9.25 am                        Conference I - Predictive Data Science in Medicine    

                                                 Prof. Dr. SORAYA SMAILI (Brazil)

09.25 – 9.35 am                        Q&A


09.35 – 10.50 am                     Module I - Cancer (I)

                                                Moderator: Prof. Dr. RIAD YOUNES (Brazil)


  1. Imaging in cancer Prof. Dr. DOUGLAS RACY

  2. Lung cancer Prof. Dr. RIAD YOUNES

  3. Prostate cancer             Prof. Dr. JORGE HALLAK



10.50 - 11.10 am                      Coffee break


11.10  – 12.30 pm          Module II - Cancer (II)

                                       Moderator: Prof. Dr. RAUL CUTAIT (Brazil)


  1. Breast cancer Prof. Dr. MAURÍCIO M. COSTA (Brazil)

  2. Colorectal cancer Prof. Dr. RAUL CUTAIT

  3. New tools for treatment    Prof. Dr. RIAD YOUNES


12.30 – 1 pm                 Opening Ceremony


1 – 2 pm                        Lunch Workshop

                                     (Rotary District 2452 and Rotary Club Liberty)


                                     (Coffee break and Lunch sponsored by Rotary Club Beirut Liberty member                                               Khadija Jbeily)


  1. Success Stories

  2. Mental Health and Maternal and Child



2 – 3.30 pm                   Module III - Diabetes and  Obesity

                                     Moderators: Prof. Dr. ANTONIO R. CHACRA (Brazil)

                                                         Prof. Dr. JACKIE MAALOUF (Lebanon)


  1. How to achieve a better control in Types 1 and 2 diabetes

(Nutrition Approach)     Prof. Dra JACKIE MAALOUF (Lebanon)

  1. New strategies in the treatment of obesity   Prof. Dr. JOÃO SALLES (Brazil)

  2. Medical Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Prof. Dr. ANTONIO R. CHACRA (Brazil)

  3. Technology and Medical treatment in Type 1 diabetes Prof. Dr. MONA NASRALAH                  (Lebanon)



3.30 – 3.50 pm          Conference II – Effects of Alcohol, Electronic Cigarrette,  Marihuana and Other                                          drugs  on the health of    adolescents and  young adults         

                                  Prof. Dr. JORGE HALLAK (Brazil)

3.50 – 4 pm              Q&A


4 – 5.15 pm              Module IV – Pediatrics and Dermatology

                                Moderators:  Prof. Dr. SAMIRA YARAK (Brazil)

                                                     Prof. Dr. LEOPOLDO DUAILIBI (Brazil)

                                                     Prof. Dr. MARIA OFELIA FATUCH (Brazil)


  1. What´s new in Asthma GINA 2023       Prof. Dr. MARIA OFELIA FATUCH

  2. New pathologies in Lebanese Refugees children due to poor condition and         consanguinity                                                                     Prof. Dr. ROBERT SACY (Lebanon)

  3. Skin cancer                                          Prof. Dr. SAMIRA YARAK (Brazil)

3.Photoprotection: current concepts         Prof. Dr. DANA SAADE (Lebanon)




September 28th

9 - 10.30 am           Module V - Gynecology and Obstetrics

                               Moderators: Prof. Dr. EDMUND C. BARACAT (Brazil)

                                                   Prof. Dr. FAISAL KAK (Lebanon)

                                                   Prof. Dr. KARL JALLAD (Lebanon)


1.Ectopic pregnancy                                     Prof. Dr. JULIO ELITO JR. (Brazil)

2.Polycystic ovary syndrome                        Prof. Dr. EDMUND C. BARACAT (Brazil)

3.HPV infection in lower genital tract            Prof. Dr. MARICY TACLA (Brazil)




10.30 – 10.50 am  Conference III – Medicine in the digital era  

                             Prof. Dr. FABIO JATENE (Brazil)

10.50 – 11 am      Q&A


11 – 11.30 am      Coffee break  


11.30  – 1 pm       Module VI - Cardiology

                             Moderators: Prof. Dr. RENATO SAMY ASSAD (Brazil)

                                                 Prof. Dr.  GEORGES SAADE (Lebanon)


1.Acute myocardiac infarction     Prof. Dr. FABIO JATENE

2.Acute aortic dissection             Prof. Dr. RENATO SAMY ASSAD

3.Congestive heart failure: from clinical treatment to transplantation

                                                    Prof. Dr. GEORGES SAADE



1 – 2 pm              Lunch Workshop with Lebanese Food Bank

  1. Food distribution to poor people

  2. Feeding children under 10 years old in Brazil    Prof. Dr. RAUL CUTAIT



2 – 3 pm             Module VII - Plastic Surgery

                           Moderators: Prof. Dr. GREGORY NICOLAS (Brazil)

                                               Prof. Dr. YOUSSEF BACKACH (Lebanon)

  1. Facial plastic surgery   Prof. Dr. GREGORY NICOLAS

  2. Plastic surgery in Lebanon: present and future Prof. Dr. YOUSSEF BACKACH


3 – 3.20 pm       Conference IV – The health system in Brazil    

                          Prof. Dr. RAUL CUTAIT

3.20 – 3.30 pm  Q&A


3.30 – 4.50 pm  Module VIII – Perspectives of collaboration Lebanon- Brazil on Medical Education

                          Moderator: Prof. Dr. EDMUND CHADA BARACAT (Brazil)

  1. Prof. Dr. NANCY CHEDID (LAU, Lebanon)

  2. Prof. Dr. KAMAL BADR (AUB, Lebanon)

  3. Prof. Dr. EDMUND CHADA BARACAT (Brazil)



4.50 – 17 pm   Closing remarks

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